Sometimes, we just look for the easy path.  We want to run only flat courses in ideal conditions.  There are great benefits to getting in a race in less than ideal conditions and also getting on a tough course.  The mental strength that you gain in those situations can’t be attained by other methods.  Staying the course and fighting in those situations is good for you.

We had a bunch of people run the 5000 meters in Friday night’s Hoka One One John Hay PA Distance Festival.  The conditions for a 5k were less than ideal(80 with about 90% humidity).  Everyone from our group who ran it suffered.  But, none of them gave in.  They all fought to the finish and that’s something to be proud of.

I can’t wait to see them after a summer of hard training.  That mental toughness from Friday’s race will be something for them to draw upon in the future.

June Training:  We’re going to change directions from what we’ve done in the past and really do things the right way in preparation for some big performances in the fall.  You can choose to take your own path and do your own thing for June or you can follow the plan and set a bunch of PRs in the fall.  I will say that the people who have really bought into following the training plan have been very successful.  The people who follow it when it suits them or inconsistently, have not seen as much success.  It’s your choice.

The next 4 Tuesdays will still be at the track.  The plan will be to get in a good warm up and good cool down and we’ll do some striders starting at 5:50.  I’ll explain what we’re looking for from the striders.  I would like to do them barefoot on the turf.  It’s really a good way to increase your ankle flexibility and foot strength.  My only concern is that we don’t want to hurt anyone.  So, if you’re doing the barefoot striders and it’s bothering your feet or Achilles Tendon, put your shoes back.

Fridays will start as a progression run and advance to a tempo run. This Friday, you might want to the Dub C 5k(formerly 4 Miler).  This would be a perfect time to run fast on the Downtown Loop.

Saturdays will be our long run.  The focus of June will be to increase the long run by 10% per week.  We’re going to run for time, not distance.  This weekend will be 90:00.  It shouldn’t be too fast or too slow.  Just get out there and get the time on your feet.  So, by the end of June, we want the Long Run at 2:00.  If you’re starting from a much lower level, cut that by 2/3s.  Don’t get sucked into running with people who are too fast for you.  That’s how you get hurt.

See you on Tuesday.


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