I hope everyone is having a good weekend.  We’re going to start Philly Marathon and 1/2 marathon training this week.  We’ll also keep a 5k training plan going as the fall goes forward.  As always, you can pick and choose your workouts if you’re not training for a long race.  If you’re training for a different marathon, we can make some slight adjustments.

In talking with people running Philly, we’re going to let people know the training on a weekly basis.  That way we can make some slight adjustments in the schedule without throwing people off.  I will give you the big days ahead of time so you can arrange your schedule.  Saturday, October 7 will be 18 with 2 x 20:00 of tempo.  Saturday, October 21 will be 20 with 2 x 30:00 of tempo and Friday, November 3 will be a 4-5 mile warm up with 10 miles of tempo and 3 miles cool down.  We’d like to get 18 in that day.

When you look at total mileage, do what you can handle on the non-workout, non long run days.  Just make sure that it’s at recovery pace. Many great marathon training cycles have led to leaving your best race on the streets of West Chester.  Let’s try to follow the plan so we can hit things right on race day.  It’s always better to be a little under trained than a little over trained.

We are going to incorporate some races into the training also.  Just remember to focus on the big picture.  We don’t want to rest for a 5k when doing marathon training.

As we move forward into the fall and the future, the track is just going to be open when there is supervision.  It’s not the ideal situation, but it’s better than no track at all. So, that means, Tuesday from 5:05-6:25 and Friday from 5:10-6:00.

Here is this week’s workout schedule:

5k-Tuesday-1200, 2400, 1200 w/200JR at 10k pace.  Friday-Race the STOMP or Saturday-Run Unite for Her(or do both).

Marathoners 1/2 Marathoners-Tuesday-1200, 2400, 1200, 2400 w/200 JR at 10k pace.  Saturday-Incorporate 14 miler into the Unite for Her race.  Run 9 before the race and then do a 2 mile cool down.  1/2 marathoners-same Tuesday workout, but run 6-7 for a warm up before Unite for Her.

See you on Tuesday.


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