I hope the training is going well.  Broad Street is 3 weeks from yesterday.  Even if you’re not running Broad Street, take advantage of the great weather to get yourself in shape(or improve your fitness if you’re already in good shape).

I wanted to talk a little bit about great places to relieve yourself on runs in West Chester.  Finding or having a great spot can be key when out for a run or warming up for a race.  I’ll list these places in my personal preference order.

1-South Campus-Pool Lobby-Almost always open and never crowded unless there is a swim meet.  You can slip in and out without being noticed.

2-Hollinger Fieldhouse-Not always open on the weekends.  It is open early on week days.  A personal favorite of many guys in the early group.

3-South Campus Locker Rooms-Again great accessibility.  I remember having some great pre xc practice conversations here in college.

4-Wawa, McDonald’s, Burger King, etc.-These are all usually open.  Being captured on camera when you have only one purpose can be daunting.

5-The South Campus/Stroud’s Preserve Woods-Not my favorite, but an option for many.  Just check the leaves first.

6-St. Agnes Port A Potties-My least favorite spot-These things bake in the sun all day long.  Not a good combo.

I hope that helps.  Here is this week’s workout schedule:

Tuesday-This is a classic workout from 1992. Pay close attention to the time targets.  I did this workout about 2 weeks before PRing for 5k.  3 x 1600 w/400JR after the first and an 800 JR after the 2nd.  Goal for the 1st one is 4 seconds faster than 5k pace, the 2nd is 8 seconds faster than 5k pace and the 3rd is 14 seconds faster than 5k pace.  So, if you’re in 18:24 shape, you would run the 1st one in 5:52, the second one in 5:48 and the 3rd one in 5:42.  A good warm up will be beneficial.

Friday-2 x 4 x 300 w/100JR and 500 JR between sets.  The 100 JR should be about 30-40 seconds.  If you want a pace, I would say 3k, but more importantly-comfortably hard.  Tuesday will be hard.  this should be challenging, but controlled.

Saturday-Beginners-7, AB-8, Int-10, AI-11, Adv-12, AA-13.  Let’s go all the way out New Street(South) and go right on Birmingham.  Come back in Sconneltown.

See you in the morning.


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