Great job by those of you who ran the Run the Loop Marathon.  We thought that things went really well.  Some of you ran great.  There was also some great support by the spectators.  Now, what should you do.  Recover and race.

Whenever I ran a marathon, no matter how poorly I ran, I would always come back and race often and well after that.  There are a lot of opportunities to race in the next 6 weeks.  You have Teri’s Run this Friday, the STOMP and Unite for Her in 2 1/2 weeks and ton of other good races before and after that.  Take advantage of your fitness and set some PRs this fall.

So, do some light running this week.  Ramp it up a little next week and maybe workout on Friday, the 15th.  Then really get back into.  I would be more concerned with running fast than the mileage.

Here are this week’s workouts:

Tuesday-1200, 800, 400 w/200 JR after each one and a 400 JR between sets.  1200-5k pace.  800 and 400 should be slightly faster.

Friday-3 miles of tempo or Teri’s Run(Teri’s Run is a lightning fast race in Downingtown.  They have great prize money and great age group prizes.  I’m tempted to run it myself-we’ll see how the week goes).

Saturday-Long Run=10-13 miles.

Philly marathon specific training will start on 9/19.  That gives us 2 months to get ready which is plenty of time.

See you in the morning.


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