Thanks to everyone who came out for St. Pat’s today.  It was a beautiful day.

The Post Race Situation was one the reasons why we train with people and run races instead of just doing our own thing all of the time.  A lot of people hung out after the race at Kildare’s telling stories and having a beverage or two.  This is the real reason that a lot of us go to races for the camaraderie after the race.

So, next time that there is a big race in town, get a group together, run hard and then celebrate afterwards.  It doesn’t have to be at a bar.  It can be at a diner or getting ice cream.

The next big races are in 2 weeks(3/24).  They are the St. Agnes 5k on the Downtown loop in the morning and the Run 2 Remember Richie 5k at the West Goshen VFW in the afternoon(that one features a great post-race party).  We’ll look for you at one of them.

BTW, what ever happened to the WKs?  I haven’t seen one of them at a race in a while.  It would be nice to rekindle the TM vs. WK rivalry in 2 weeks.  It’s good for the sport.

Here is this week’s training(BTW-we have some people getting very fit. Come join us on Tuesday mornings at 5:50 at Henderson).

5k/10k/Broad Street Group-Tuesday-3-5 x 1200 w/200  jr at 10k pace.  Friday-5 x 2:00 w/2:00 recovery on the Fern Hill Loop starting at 5:30 from Henderson.  Saturday-8-11 miles starting at 6:30 at the Country Club.

B & A Marathon-Tuesday-8 miles with no workout, but steady.  Thursday-10 miles with no workout-easy.  Saturday-6 mile warmup, then 8 miles of Tempo-about 7:30 pace and then 2 mile cool down.  Other days should be very easy.

Boston-M-9 easy, Tue-10 easy.  Wed-WU and then 2 x 3 miles at 6:05 pace with a 3:00 jog recovery.  Th-Off.  Fri-10 easy.  Sat-12 miles and then 6 at marathon pace(6:35), then 2 easy.  Sun-Easy 5.

See you on Tuesday.




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