We welcome you to the first announcement of this year’s Hotel Warner West Chester Mile Elite fields, with 12 Women and 18 Men taking on the Mile alongside this year’s new Elite 800m races. The prize money for the Mile goes 5-deep ($2500, $2000, $1500, $1000, $500) for each gender, and the 800 will give $500, $300, and $200 per gender for top 3. We are partnering again with Flotrack to live stream all the action, which you can do so by clicking here and signing up with them if you have not already: http://bit.ly/2pQc3oU


The energy and atmosphere surrounding last year’s event, from the ‘Running With The Elites’ group gathering the night before to the fantastic citizen and elite races that took place the following evening at Henderson High School, left us looking forward to 2017’s race like never before. We welcome runners of all ability levels who can make it out, whether you consider yourself a ‘Miler’ or not, to not only come and spectate at this year’s event, but run in it as well! What other sporting event out there allows & encourages you to take part in the athletic activity itself before the Pros take the stage?


Speaking of pro athletes, this year’s Hotel Warner West Chester Mile once again brings together the largest collection of elite athletic talent in West Chester since the Philadelphia Eagles last held their training camp at West Chester University in 1995. In 2017, American distance running is back on the rise, with Rio Olympic gold and bronze medals awarded to Matthew Centrowitz and Jenny Simpson respectively and numerous female and male athletes across the country making their mark running fast 1500’s and Mile races. With this momentum, it’s races like ours that look to continue providing the stage & setting for more fast times from athletes who won’t be running in another major championship meet this season, but still plan their peak fitness to come along in the next month.


August 10th is not that far away, so we figure it’s time to spread the word about what we have in store for you at this year’s Mile. With the help of our generous sponsors and in cooperation with agents & athletes alike, we have put together our preliminary fields for our four elite races this year for you to enjoy, with the possibility of more athletes being named at a later date.


Check out the list of participants for each race below:



Women’s Elite Mile


Athlete Sponsor/Affiliation Mile/1500m Outdoor PR Note
Lauren Johnson Adidas/Boston Athletic Association 4:25.04 / 4:04.17 *Defending Champion*

2015 World Champs qualifier in the 1500m, took on the challenge of a strong field at USA’s this year for a 4th place finish after finishing 8th last year at the Trials

Emily Lipari Adidas/Boston Athletic Association 4:32.40 / 4:12.17 2016 participant who reached her 1st 1500m USA Final this year after lowering her PR by 5 seconds in 2017
Katie Mackey Brooks Beasts TC 4:25.48 / 4:03.81 This year’s US Road Mile Champion travels east after early season Diamond League meets in Shanghai and Eugene
Rachel Schneider Under Armour 4:31.04 / 4:06.91 2015 Champion returning for summer track season after running Pre 1500m in May
Amanda Eccleston Brooks/True Blue Elite 4:25.64 / 4:03.25 4th at 2016 Olympic Trials 1500m, 11th at this year’s USA’s with a 2nd place finish at the US Road Mile Champs
Angel Piccirillo Unattached 4:39.94 / 4:13.40 Recent Villanova grad with a Penn Relays record of eight victories, ran 1500m PR in this year’s USA Champs heats
Nicole Tully Hoka NJ-NY Track Club 4:29.78 / 4:05.89 2016 participant who placed 9th in the 5k at this year’s USA Champs (US 5k champ in 2015)
Steph Van Pelt Hoka NJ-NY Track Club 4:50.73 / 4:15.68 2016 NCAA Finalist returning to form after running at Franklin Field in June
Sarah Sutherland Saucony 4:40.07 / 4:06.43 2016 Olympic Trials Finalist at 1500m, 10th at USA’s in the 5k this year
Stephanie Brown Unattached 4:29.06 / 4:07.55 2016 Olympic Trials Finalist at 1500m and competed in this year’s US Champs 1500m qualifying heats
Katrina Coogan New Balance Boston 4:33.00 / 4:13.13 Competed at 1st US Champs for Team NB Boston this year at 1500m
Hannah Fields Brooks Beasts TC 4:31.40 / 4:05.30 Recently ran her 1500m PR by six seconds this season in June’s Tracktown Summer Series Meet at Stanford after running the 800m heats at US Champs


This race has shaped up to be the deepest Women’s Mile to ever be run in the state of Pennsylvania in terms of talent, with 5 women whose PR’s dip under 4:30 and even more who boast 1500m bests that suggest faster times ahead. Defending champion Lauren Johnson will look to display more of the fitness that almost got her to a 2nd Worlds team, while fellow 2017 finalists Emily Lipari and Amanda Eccleston bring their fast finishes to try and take the title from Johnson. 2016 Olympic Trials Finalist Stephanie Brown found success over the Mile distance last summer, so keep an eye on her as well.


You also have to factor in athletes like Katie Mackey and  Rachel Schneider who are returning to fitness following early season races and ailments that kept them from competing at USA’s this year. From the Hoka NJ-NY group across the river, Nicole Tully will look to make her presence known as she did in last year’s race, with teammate Steph Van Pelt looking to take this fast field of runners for a ride to a new PR. Joining her on that journey will be Sarah Sutherland, Katrina Coogan, and the most recent college grad in the field, Angel Piccirillo (formerly of Villanova). One last addition comes from the Brooks Beasts in Seattle, with Hannah Fields joining this field of fast women after a solid performance at Stanford last month to solidify a quality Women’s Elite Mile.



Men’s Elite Mile



Athlete Sponsor/Affiliation Mile/1500m Outdoor PR Note
Cristian Soratos Adidas 3:56.68 / 3:36.73 Finished 5th at this year’s US Champs in the 1500m, 2nd in the Mile at USA Indoors, and ran his Mile and 1500m PR’s within 10 days of each other this May
Garrett Heath Brooks Beasts TC 3:53.15 / 3:34.12 Has been making his return to the track this summer after a 3rd place finish earlier this year at the USA Indoor Championship Mile
Kyle Merber Hoka NJ-NY Track Club 3:54.57 / 3:34.54 *Defending Champion*

Ran 3:52 at BU indoors this February and 3:54 at Adrian Martinez this June, also competing in this year’s 1500m heats at USA’s after finishing 9th last year at the Trials

Travis Mahoney Hoka NJ-NY Track Club 3:58.61 / 3:42.67 Ran the 3000m Steeplechase Final at USA’s this year, recently PR’d in the flat 3000m with 7:47.6
Leo Manzano Hoka One One 3:50.64 / 3:30.98 2012 Olympic Silver Medalist and 2008 Olympian in the 1500m shaping up for his 9th professional season of summer track, ran last year’s race after finishing 4th at the Olympic Trials
Brannon Kidder Brooks Beasts TC 4:03.12 / 3:38.79 2nd Indoors in the 1000m, took on the heats of this year’s US Champs 1500m
Riley Masters Nike 3:56.75 / 3:42.18 2016 Olympic Trials Finalist in the 5k, finished 9th in the event at this year’s US Champs
Cory Leslie Nike 3:53.44 / 3:34.93 2016 Olympic Trials Finalist in the 3000m Steeplechase, took on World XC earlier this year and ran the 1500m heats at USA’s this year
Graham Crawford Hoka NJ-NY Track Club 3:56.05 / 3:37.08 2016 participant who returned to health earlier this year with a 3:57 at Adrian Martinez and competed in the heats of the 1500m at this year’s US Champs
Colby Alexander Hoka NJ-NY Track Club 3:54.94 / 3:34.88 7th in last year’s Olympic Trials 1500m, followed by a big PR and win at last year’s inaugural Summer Track Series meet in Eugene
Donn Cabral Hoka NJ-NY Track Club 4:02.29 / 3:40.03 2012 & 2016 Olympian in the 3000m Steeplechase, 6th in the event at this year’s USA’s in Sacramento
Will Geoghegan Nike 3:56.24 / 3:40.05 Ran his Mile PR in June and competed in the 1500m heats at this year’s US Champs (ran in the final at the USA’s 2015 in Eugene)
Mason Ferlic Nike 4:00.05 / 3:44.67 2016 NCAA 3000m Steeplechase Champ returning to health & fitness for the summer track season
Chad Noelle Asics 3:59.57 / 3:38.35 Ran both 1500m and 5k at 2017 USA’s, 2015 NCAA 1500m Champ
Frezer Legesse Under Armour 3:57.24 / 3:36.93 Just missed 2016 Olympic Trials 1500m Final, running 3:38 this season
Thomas Curtin Saucony Freedom TC 4:09.63 / 3:44.93 Finished 6th in the 5k at this year’s US Champs, running 13:26 for the distance in June

The ever-growing depth of American middle distance talent is on display in this Men’s Elite Mile, with 15 out of 18 men in this field sporting Mile PR’s below 4:00 and 5 men who have run under 3:55. That second number has a good chance of increasing after this summer, with defending champion Kyle Merber returning after last year’s 3:55 after already running 3:52 indoors earlier this year at the BU Last Chance Meet. Olympic Silver Medalist Leo Manzano will also be back in West Chester this August, looking to rekindle some magic this summer with a fast time and a Top 5 finish. Our 3rd returning athlete, Graham Crawford of NJ-NY Track Club, was a close 2nd at last year’s race and looks to turn a solid 3k PR ran this past month into a top finish in 2017.


These athletes will have to deal with Cristian Soratos, who may be the early favorite going in after some fast races this spring and a 5th place finish in this year’s USA Champs 1500m. Soratos finished just ahead of Garrett Heath at this year’s USA Indoors in the Mile, who travels east to run our Mile for the first time after taking some time away from racing this spring. Fellow first-time runners who will travel from all corners of the US to West Chester for this race include Brannon Kidder, Patrick Casey, Riley Masters, Corey Leslie, Will Geohagan, Mason Ferlic, Chad Noelle and Frezer Legesse. Add in NJ-NY athletes Colby Alexander and 2-time Olympian Donn Cabral, along with Saucony Freedom TC’s Thomas Curtin bringing his strengths from the 5k, and we’re set for a field that may have the ability to break the record of most men running a sub-4:00 Mile at once in the state of Pennsylvania.



Men’s Elite 800m


Athlete Sponsor/Affiliation 800m Outdoor PR Note
Chris Giesting Hoka NJ-NY Track Club 1:46.49 2016 IAAF World Champion from the 4x400m who competed in the 1st round of this year’s US Championship Meet in the 800m following his PR run at Adrian Martinez in June
Jesse Garn Hoka NJ-NY Track Club 1:45.82 2016 Olympic Trials and 2017 USA Champs competitor in the 800m who ran his PR this May, along with a new Mile best of 3:57 at Adrian Martinez this June
Edose Ibadin DC Track Club 1:45.87 PR’d  this April with his 1:45 in Nashville, made it to the semi-final heats of the 800m at this year’s US Champs and last year’s Olympic Trials
Daniel Winn Adidas/Boston Athletic Association (3:56.73 Mile) Ran the Mile at last year’s event and competed in this year’s USA Champs 1500m heats, looking to break his old 800m mark of 1:54 from 2011


All four of these men have positive momentum going into this fun & fast 800m, with Daniel Winn being the only athlete who has not focused primarily on the distance this season. Winn, a returnee from last year’s Mile, will look to play off his strength background to compete with against 3 other runners who’ve all PR’d over 800m this season. Edose Ibadin completed a 3-year promise to himself towards breaking 1:46 when he ran 1:45.87 in April, but he’ll have to compete with Chris Giesting’s 400m-to-800m background and Jesse Garn’s jump in fitness that saw him run personal bests in both the Mile and the 800m. Since it’s more a sprint than a run, a good pace early on could pull these four to more PR’s.



Women’s Elite 800m


Athlete Sponsor/Affiliation 800m Outdoor PR Note
Kenyetta Iyevbele Hoka NJ-NY Track Club 2:01.68 Ran in the 800m heats of last year’s Olympic Trials and this year’s US Champs after running her PR at Adrian Martinez this June
Cecilia Barowski Hoka NJ-NY Track Club 2:00.90 Semi-Finalist at last year’s Olympic Trials and this year’s US Champs, in search of sub-2:00 over 800m this season
Ce’Aira Brown Hoka NJ-NY Track Club 2:01.10 Just missed this year’s USA 800m Final after competing in last year’s Olympic Trials, running her PR this year in a win at Adrian Martinez
Hanna Green Unattached 2:01.17 Recent Virginia Tech graduate who placed 2nd in this year’s NCAA 800m, while also making it to the semi-finals at this year’s US Champs
Claudia Saunders Brooks Beasts TC 2:00.63 Competed in this  year’s USA Outdoor Championship 800m heats after taking on the 1000m at US Indoor Champs this past winter


There is potential here for a tight race at the finish, something the ladies here from NJ-NY experienced together at the San Francisco stop of the Tracktown Summer Series this year, finishing 1-2-3 in a race that produced notable PR’s for both Ce’Aira Brown (1st) and Kenyetta Iyevbele (2nd). Cecilia Barowski (3rd) joins them for another 3-way competition over two laps, with good race experience between all of them after last year’s Olympic Trials and this year’s US Championship meet. Add in this year’s 2nd place finisher from NCAA Outdoors, Hanna Green, and Brooks Beast runner Claudia Saunders, and with the right opening 400m, we could see an interesting battle right to the line.



Feel free to comment below with your thoughts on each of the four races, along with any predictions you may have. Stay tuned to our blog for more info on this year’s race, including updates on our elites and any additions we make to the evening. Full event details and registration for the 2017 Hotel Warner West Chester Mile can be found by tapping the button below. We’ll see you at the track August 10th!



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