Great job by Allison and Lisa at the B & A marathon in Maryland today. They both ran tough and got their BQs(and, I think, brought home some hardware). I will say that Allison in particular. With 1 runner still to go, I feel like we’ve had a stretch of hitting the training right and achieving our goals. I look forward to next Monday to see if we can go 5 for 5 in the Winter/Spring marathon cycle.

As we look for another goal after Broad Street, I would like to suggest racing on the track at the PA Distance Festival on June 1 at Henderson. I’m particularly interested in this group running the 5000m.

The track is really the truth when it comes to racing. You really can’t hide and you can’t make excuses for the course. The track is accurate. If you’re fit(mentally and physically), you’ll run well. If not, you’ll suffer.  I’ve been in both situations.

The beauty of the PADF is that it’s at Henderson and it’s under the lights.  It almost always stills down for this meet.  A lot of people who ran really last fall and this spring were in this race last year.  The other great thing is the Square afterwards.  Think about it.

This week’s workouts:

Tuesday-4-6 x 1200 w/200JR at 10k pace.  Friday-6 x 1k at BS pace with 100JR.  We’ll call this a broken tempo.  Saturday-8-13 miles.

See you on Tuesday.


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