I hope everyone is doing well.  This training cycle seems to be going well for a lot of people.  Let’s keep it up.

Marathoners and 1/2 marathoners, the weekend of the 28th works out as a good weekend to race.  It’s between the last 2 long runs.  It would be good if you could find something that weekend.  If not, it’s not a big deal.

5k runners: now is the time to race.  Take advantage of your fitness.  I would race every other week(at least).  There are a ton of good races around every weekend now.  If you’re racing, you should not do the Friday workout.

Also, let’s try to not race the workouts.  The people, in this group, who have been most successful are the ones who follow the workout plan and save the racing for race day.  You should work hard but if you’re destroying yourself in workouts, you’re doing too much.  Also, if you’re in a group, you have teammates counting on you.  So, going crazy during the workout really messes with the group vibe.

Here are this week’s workouts:

5k-Tuesday-2 x 2400 at 5k pace with a 200jr.  Friday-3 x 3 x 200 w/200 JR and 5:00 between sets at mile pace.  they should be comfortable fast.  Long run=10-12 miles.

Marathon and 1/2 marathon group-3(1/2), 4(full) x 2400 w/200jr at 10k pace.  Let’s bring some gels to take during the workout.  We’ll set up the table like we did on Friday. Maybe, take one 1/2 way through the first one and 1/2 way through the last one.

Friday-No workout.  Saturday-Long Run Full 20 2 x 4 miles w/1 mile recovery at 5-8 faster than marathon pace. 1/2 16 w/2 x 2 1/2 miles at 1/2 pace w/1 mile recovery.  Here’s what I was thinking for a run:  Wylie for both groups.  Marathoners-meet early and get 4 miles in before you meet the group at the club.  Start the first pickup at the bottom of Wylie go left and go South on Creek road for a mile and then head back.  That will give you the extra 2 miles.  1/2 marathoners could do that of just get an extra 15:00 in before the group meets and then start the pickups by going right on Creek.  The options coming in would be up Miner or stay on Creek Road and come in 162.  That gives you an extra 1.25 that’s pretty flat for the pickups.  That would be the better option.  162 sucks because of the tight shoulder, but you can peel off down Highland when you get there and get back to the club that way.

See you on Tuesday.


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