Great job by our crew who ran this weekend!! Lots of PRs.  Lots of great efforts.  I’m proud of this crew for the work that you did and the lack of excuses when confronted with less than ideal weather today.  You just hunkered down and went to work.

Now, let’s not waste all of that fitness on one PR.  Let’s be smart.  Let’s also be greedy.

Everyone should come out and run easy on Tuesday.  You get your accolades then and we move on.

1/2 people, if you feel good, run the Turkey Burner on Friday.  Dropping a PR on the downtown course means something.  And, no offense to the Turkey Trot which is a great race, we’re not working out at DTW every Tuesday.

Marathoners-Jog Tuesday, jog Thursday, jog Saturday, get 3 decent runs in next week.

Everyone-No workouts for 2 weeks. Crush Brian’s Run.  Whatever your PR is on that course, say goodbye to it.  There is no reason for anyone reading this not to run Brian’s Run unless you’re injured.  After Brian’s Run, we’ll talk about what we want to do next.

Tuesday workout-  If you’re racing on Thursday, just run easy with the Marathon and 1/2 groups.  If you’re race on Friday or not racing, 1600, 1200, 800, 400 w/200jr at 5k pace.

Friday-No workout.  LR=8-10.

See you on Tuesday.


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