DMR racers-Great job.  That was fun.  I heard Kriebs is bringing the playlist next year.

The Survey is back.  The question is do you prefer the heat or the cold for running.

I’ll look forward to your responses.

Since it was really hot today and I was late with the Blog, here are my thoughts on the heat:

1-It’s a great way to boost red blood cells, especially when it’s extra humid.

2-Expect to run slower in extreme heat.

3-Hydrate with water and drinks with electrolytes.  Adding Nuun tablets to your drinks is great.

4-Run early or late.  We mostly prefer early.

5-Try to get on the trails.  They’re cooler than the roads.

6-I’ve said it before.  I love a hot summer for training as a great prep for some great fall racing.  As much as it kills my electric bill, I wouldn’t mind it being hot until late September.

Here is this week’s workout schedule:

Tuesday-Striders and core.  Get a good warm up and cool down.

Friday-3 mile cut down on the track. Mile 1-:15 faster than marathon pace, mile 2-:30 faster than MP and mile 3-:45 faster than MP.  The key factor here will be deciding on MP.

Saturday-1:50:00.  If you’re not ready for that, run an appropriate distance.

See you in the morning.


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