Great job by the Run the Loopers today!  Congrats to Lauren on finishing her 1st marathon in less than ideal conditions and to Chris for hanging in there.  Awesome job by the 1/2 marathoners/15 milers.  If you’re following the training plan and are running a long race in the fall, you have to be encouraged by their performances today.  Also, the crowd support and teamwork of this group were impressive. It was a fun morning.  Have a fun recovery week!

Next on the docket is the Rock n Roll 1/2 for some and some serious business training.  5k crew might want to think about racing.  We have some good ones this weekend.

Tuesday-RTL-No workout-just some easy running.  Other long racers-6 x 1600 w/100jr at 10k pace.  5k/5 milers-1600,800, 1600, 800 w/200jr-1600s at 10k pace, 800s at 5k pace.

Friday-Long racers-4 mile tempo run(RTL crew-let’s see how everyone is feeling-we’ll meet at the track and decide what to do).  5k crew-5 x 600 w/400jr at 3k pace or race this weekend.

Saturday-Non RTL group-2:35:00.  Not fast just an easy long run.  Ideally, a minute slower than MP.  I know it’s going to get faster, but work on some restraint.  We don’t want to leave a big fall PR on the roads on WC.  RTL-1:45:00.  Same.  5k-Race or 80:00.

See you on Tuesday.



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