Looks like the weather is looking nice for the start to training for these 2 events.  Make sure you’re hydrating as much as possible.

Here is the registration link for the Hotel Warner West Chester Mile:  The elite fields are shaping up really nicely.  It’s going to be a great event.

Here is the link for Run the Loop Registration:

So, here is how the training will go.  You’ll have the mile option or the marathon/run til you drop option.  If you’re not doing either, pick one of the workouts.  I would mix them up.  Go mile one week, marathon the next.  All of the workouts will help to make you a better runner.

Tuesday-Milers-6 x 600 with a 400 jog recovery at goal mile pace.  Since we’re on the roads, that would be ,375 on your GPS.

Loopers-2 x 2 miles with a 400 jog recovery at 10k pace or run Summer XC on Wednesday night-after the 5k, take 5:00 rest and then do the middle mile of the course again at 10k pace.  I’m hoping to do this option so we’ll get the group together and keep it pretty organized.  Here is the summer xc registration link:

Friday-Both groups 10 x 1:00w/1:00 rest.  Loopers, you’re probably thinking, “Why do short stuff when you’re marathon training?”  It’s good for your running economy.

Saturday-Milers-8-10 miles.

Loopers-15 miles-Time for some real runs.  No more jogging around town.  Let’s go South on New to the End-Right on Birmingham to 842-Right on 842 and then add on as necessary.  I’m going to guess that’s around 11 miles.  Run til you drop athletes should do about 13.

Let me know if you have any questions.  See you on Tuesday or Wednesday.




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