I hope everyone had a good week of training. Before we get into this week’s training, I just wanted to make a couple of comments about the pace that you’re running.

I would recommend running easy on the recovery days.  What is easy?  It all depends on hard you’re running your workouts.  Easy aerobic runs should be at your best conversational pace.  If you can’t carry on a conservation, you’re going too hard.  My suggestion would be to listen to your body.  Some people like to run their easy days hard and their hard days easy.  Worse yet, they just go hard all of the time(or relatively hard).  On race day, they usually underperform.

Another confusing pace is tempo pace.  By the definition that we’re using for this training plan, it’s 10 mile race pace.  For 2-4 miles, it should be comfortably hard.  I see people doing tempo pace that is closer to 5k pace than 10 mile pace.  That’s not beneficial.  You have to train different systems through the training cycle.

Some people ask, “can I just hammer a run every once in awhile?”.  Sure why not?  If you’re smart about recovering from that.  When I was younger and in decent shape, I would love to go out and pound a 10 or 12 miler every once in awhile.  Especially, if someone annoying was in the group.  To be honest, when I was running really well, I didn’t get caught up in that game.  When I was not at the top of my game, I would get sucked in sometimes.

Here is the week’s training:

Tuesday-Beginners and advanced beginners-just get out and run a couple of hills.  If you’re with the group, maybe just go down the ladder.  All others-Lafayette-Long-Regular-Short-Short-Regular-Long-Lafayette.  Down the ladder and then back up. It could also be called a pyramid.

Friday-2 miles of tempo, 400JR and then 5 x 400 w/400JR at Mile pace.

Saturday-B-3 miles, AB-4-5 miles, I-6-7 miles, AI-8-9 miles, A-11-12 miles, AA-14-15 miles.  Here is the loop starting from the club at 6:30.  Some may do an add on starting at 6.  I’m guessing that the loop is 12-12.5 from the club.  South on New-cross 926 and bear right on Thornbury-Left on Birmingham-Right on Wylie-Right on Creek-Right on Meeting House-Right on Birmingham-Left on Thornbury-Left on New.

See you out there.


PS-Great job by Colleen Lynn and Brian Treston(and other helpers) in putting on the SA 5k this weekend.  It was a blast despite the cold weather.

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