Running Shoes



These shoes are built for a runner who has normal to high arches and very little to no over-pronation. Ideally, this shoe is made for a runner with a neutral foot strike.


Stability shoes are designed for a runner who has low to flat arches. A runner who needs stability is someone who has slight to moderate over-pronation. In order to help keep the arches from falling in as the foot strikes the ground, these shoes have medial posting. This helps to prevent pronation and thereby, preventing shin splints.

Motion Control:

These particular shoes are designed for a runner with extremely flat feet. These individuals have a severe over-pronation which can cause numerous injuries. These injuries, however, can usually be prevented by wearing the proper footwear.


Off road shoes are designed with the intention of providing better traction and water protection. The shoes are built with more traction on the sole and usually a water repelling material up top.


A lightweight shoe intended to help a runner get through a race or workout on the track as fast as possible. They have very little support or cushion and are designed to feel as natural as possible on the foot during a race.

A shoe made for racing on various terrains. These have a bit more traction that a road racer, and tend to have a bit more cushion. They are offered in a spike form as well as a spikeless form.

Indoor Flats:
These shoes are a spikeless version of a cross country racer. These shoes have a fair amount of cushioning, but little support. They are indented to have a natural, slipper-like feel to them.


Shoes built with the intention of helping a walker stay healthy by providing a well cushioned base.


We carry a variety of durable kid’s shoes in stability as well as cushion.

*We can order just about any shoe that is not listed here. We have the ability to access shoes from each of the companies with which we have accounts. Also, if you need a special size or width, just ask us, we can order it for you. Shipping is always free and usually takes about 1-2 weeks after the order is placed, for your shoes to arrive.