We want to talk about some advantages of running with one of the CCRS groups:

Thursday, June 9, 2016

  1. Helps to motivate you to get moving.  Being committed to the group will get you out the door some mornings or evenings.
  2. There is safety in numbers.  If you’re running in the dark in the winter(which most of us are), having some friends out there with you is never a bad idea.
  3. You may get faster.  Doing some of the group workouts is one way to improve your running efficiency.
Joining one or more of the groups could be a great holiday present to yourself.
Here are the group run times:
  • Monday-5:45AM from the store (the store is the Chester County running Store in West Chester). We get 5-25 people for an easy 4-8 miles.  This is the self proclaimed “Fun Group”.
  • Tuesday– Every Tuesday at 5:50 AM our groups run on the track at Henderson High School. The Tuesday workout varies each week based on the time of year, group focus, etc. There are usually 60+ runners of all abilities.
  • Wednesday-Fun group at 5:45AM at the store.
    Wednesday Knights meet at 6:30PM at the store.  They get 15-30 people out on a regular basis for a 4-8 mile run.  They go out to the Sidebar afterwards for Beer and Burgers.
  • Thursday-5:40AM at the West Chester Country Club at New and Ashebridge Street for an 8 mile run with some kind of tempo or pickups mixed in.  25+ people usually show up.
  • Friday-Fun group at the store at 5:45AM.
  • Saturday-Long run group is usually at 6:30AM at the Country Club.  That changes some throughout the year. Lots of options throughout the week.  The beauty of it is that there are many splinter groups off of those main groups.  Lots of training going on in town, especially in the morning.
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