It’s time to race. There are a lot of great races this weekend.  My pick is Run to Find a Way #ScottStrong.

It goes to benefit the family of Scott Elliott, the long time GRA, Greenwoods and WCU swim coach.  Now, you might say, why is Kevin Kelly excited about a race to benefit a swim coach.  Here’s why:  Scott Elliott is one of the most caring, genuine people I’ve ever met.  His passion for his sport and,  more importantly, the athletes he coaches is truly inspiring.  He gets the athletes and gets them to perform at the their best under all circumstances.  He also gets them to train like maniacs for 8 months straight.  He’s an inspiring guy who has been battling stomach and esophageal cancer.

If you want to get on a fast course and be inspired, come to Rustin on Sunday and be a part of the race.  Walkers and runners are welcome.  It’s Sunday at 9AM at Rustin.

Registration is here:

Here is this week’s training schedule:

Tuesday-1200, 400 x 3 w/100 JR after the 1200 and 300 jr after the 400 at 10k pace for the 1200 and 3k pace for the 400.  The goal would be to work on changing paces.

Friday-2400 of tempo and then 5 x 300 w/300 jr at mile pace.  Controlled but fast.

Saturday-7-10 and then race on Sunday.

See you out there.



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