Licensed to Henderson High School      HY-TEK's Meet Manager 8/11/2016 08:49 AM
                   ServiceNow West Chester Mile - 8/11/2016                    
                            West Chester Henderson                             
                                 Meet Program                                  
Event 1  Mixed 1 Mile Run (151)
     WC Mile:  4:33.95  8/13/2015   Ricky Waltz, Wednesday Knights             
           Name                         Age Team                   Seed     Finals
Section 1  Timed Finals
  1    129 Pagano, Evan                 M10 Unattached          7:40.00 
  2     88 Karounos, Matthew            M10 Unattached          7:45.00 
  3     97 Ladd, Liam                    M6 Unattached          8:00.00 
  4    176 Hoffman, Lindsay              W9 Unattached          8:00.00 
  5    177 Hoffman, Hilary              W11 Unattached          8:00.00 
  6    127 Pagano, Benjamin              M8 Unattached          8:00.00 
  7    167 Walsh, Jen                   W34 Unattached          8:10.00 
  8    168 Walsh, Olivia                 W9 Unattached          8:15.00 
  9    128 Pagano, Chase                 M6 Unattached          8:45.00 
 10     63 Deni, Megan                  W35 Unattached          9:00.00 
 11     41 Bowman, Gary                 M57 Unattached          9:00.00 
 12     87 Karounos, Julia               W7 Unattached          9:00.00 
 13    142 Reath, Harvey                M68 Unattached          9:00.00 
 14     42 Bowman, Marianne             M53 Unattached          9:00.00 
 15     85 Jones, Tyler                 M26 Unattached          9:30.00 
 16     84 Jones, Gary                  M60 Unattached          9:30.00 
 17     32 Allgaier, Matthew            M41 Unattached         10:00.00 
Section 2  Timed Finals
  1    133 Parsons, Kevin               M40 Unattached          6:40.00 
  2    113 McCaffrey, Stephen           M10 Unattached          6:45.00 
  3     75 Germanovich, Robert          M42 Unattached          6:45.00 
  4    171 Young, Drew                  M47 Unattached          6:45.00 
  5    169 Waltz, Rick                  M56 Unattached          6:45.00 
  6    111 McCaffrey, Lily              W11 Unattached          6:45.00 
  7    121 Molina, Rene                 M38 Unattached          6:50.00 
  8     54 Casey, Don                   M63 Unattached          6:55.00 
  9    148 Samar, Julia                 W14 Unattached          7:00.00 
 10    116 McFadden, Brian              M56 Unattached          7:00.00 
 11     94 Krimsky, Jordan              M45 Unattached          7:00.00 
 12     89 Kelly, Amanda                M13 Unattached          7:05.00 
 13     39 Blum, Jeff                   M42 Unattached          7:30.00 
 14     66 Dietrick, Tessa               W9 Unattached          7:30.00 
 15     37 Birl, Gus                    M10 Unattached          7:40.00 
 16    104 Macellaro, Kristy            W39 Unattached          7:40.00 
Section 3  Timed Finals
  1    160 Stewart, Betsy               W53 Unattached          6:15.00 
  2    141 Radford, Greg                M58 Unattached          6:15.00 
  3     57 Ciccarone, Tommy             M36 Unattached          6:15.00 
  4    100 Lofgren, Todd                M40 Unattached          6:15.00 
  5    179 Quick, Kara                  W40 Unattached          6:20.00 
  6     83 Howe, Christopher            M49 Unattached          6:20.00 
  7     81 Hendrickson, Kevin           M41 Unattached          6:25.00 
  8     65 Dietrick, Ryan               M12 Unattached          6:30.00 
  9     56 Chominski, Matt              M33 Unattached          6:30.00 
 10    105 Machamer, Ruth               W43 Unattached          6:30.00 
 11     50 Bruton, Justin               M43 Unattached          6:30.00 
 12     73 Gamble, Shannon              W11 Unattached          6:30.00 
 13     91 Kelly, Rylee                 W13 Unattached          6:30.00 
 14    132 Parsons, Elliot                M Unattached          6:30.00 
 15    126 Neilon, Mac                  M56 Unattached          6:30.00 
 16     59 Corr, Elizabeth              M14 Unattached          6:30.00 
 17    174 Marsh, Jordan                M37 Unattached          6:40.00 
Section 4  Timed Finals
  1     35 Baulch, Roy                  M43 Unattached          6:00.00 
  2    112 McCaffrey, Mark              M40 Unattached          6:00.00 
  3     72 Flenner, Alan                M52 Unattached          6:00.00 
  4     96 Kyriakos, Brian              M15 Unattached          6:00.00 
  5     46 Brill, Maggie                W40 Unattached          6:00.00 
  6     36 Bertoni, Michael             M14 Unattached          6:02.00 
  7    131 Pangburn, Julie              W52 Unattached          6:08.00 
  8     61 Craven, Jeff                 M37 Unattached          6:10.00 
  9    123 Moyer, Rachel                W16 Unattached          6:10.00 
 10    115 McDermott, Laura             W17 Unattached          6:10.00 
 11     43 Bradley, Melissa             W36 Unattached          6:10.00 
 12    150 Satterthwaite, David         M55 Unattached          6:12.00 
 13    139 Planck, Richard              M10 Unattached          6:14.00 
 14    147 Rubin, Robert                M54 Unattached          6:15.00 
 15     70 Estes, Elaine                W19 Unattached          6:15.00 
 16    124 Munro, Jenny                 W46 Unattached          6:15.00 
 17     69 Ervin, Mark                  M41 Unattached          6:15.00 
Section 5  Timed Finals
  1    180 Natalie, David               M23 Unattached          5:45.00 
  2    120 Mogck, Steven                M44 Unattached          5:45.00 
  3    118 McGurk, Terry                M47 Unattached          5:45.00 
  4    157 Smolders, Dylan              M12 Unattached          5:48.00 
  5    151 Schweidler, Olaf             M49 Unattached          5:50.00 
  6     76 Good, Patrick                M59 Unattached          5:50.00 
  7     62 Deni, Joseph                 M35 Unattached          5:50.00 
  8    181 Perlish, Lauren              W14 Unattached          5:50.00 
  9    163 Tang, Cecilia                W28 Unattached          5:50.00 
 10     92 Kocur, Brian                 M44 Unattached          5:50.00 
 11    170 Witiak, Adam                 M14 Unattached          5:54.00 
 12    159 Stecklair, Walt              M54 Unattached          5:55.00 
 13    138 Planck, Andreas              M45 Unattached          5:55.00 
 14     60 Cosgrove, Dan                M52 Unattached          5:58.00 
 15    130 Pagano, Lisa                 W40 Unattached          6:00.00 
 16    143 Reid, Haley                  W19 Unattached          6:00.00 
 17     53 Callahan, Ian                M16 Unattached          6:00.00 
Section 6  Timed Finals
  1     64 Dietrick, Matthew            M14 Unattached          5:30.00 
  2     71 Fitzgerald, Gavin            M13 Unattached          5:30.00 
  3     86 Karounos, Bill               M39 Unattached          5:30.00 
  4    154 Shokey, Jaclyn               W38 Unattached          5:30.00 
  5     34 Armstrong, Scott             M53 Unattached          5:33.00 
  6     80 Heil, Marcie                 W43 Unattached          5:33.00 
  7    122 Monigal, Brody               M17 Unattached          5:33.00 
  8    149 Sandler, Rachel              W33 Unattached          5:35.00 
  9    106 Mangine, Anthony             M14 Unattached          5:38.00 
 10    140 Plummer, Jenifer             W19 Unattached          5:40.00 
 11     78 Hanlon, Michael              M55 Unattached          5:40.00 
 12    165 Treston, Brian               M36 Unattached          5:40.00 
 13    173 Rhines, Justin               M21 Unattached          5:40.00 
 14    152 Scott, Joey                  M33 Unattached          5:40.00 
 15     93 Kriebel, Jeff                M49 Unattached          5:41.00 
 16    164 Torchiana, Jaime             W38 Unattached          5:45.00 
 17     58 Coates, Tom                  M51 Unattached          5:45.00 
Section 7  Timed Finals
  1     67 Dinkins, Delvin              M45 Unattached          5:15.00 
  2    110 Marchini, Bella              W17 Unattached          5:15.00 
  3    175 Harris, Steve                M41 Unattached          5:15.00 
  4     40 Borig, Keegan                M15 Unattached          5:15.00 
  5    107 Mangine, Nicolas             M16 Unattached          5:16.00 
  6     98 Lavin, John                  M41 Unattached          5:20.00 
  7     95 Kruelle, Chuck               M48 Unattached          5:20.00 
  8    156 Smith, Emily                 W15 Unattached          5:20.00 
  9    153 Sharpless, Andrew            M16 Unattached          5:20.00 
 10    146 Ross, Liem                   M17 Unattached          5:20.00 
 11     74 Geier, Greg                  M46 Unattached          5:24.00 
 12    161 Stratz, Amber                W19 Unattached          5:25.00 
 13     47 Brill, Zachary               M12 Unattached          5:30.00 
 14     49 Brogan, Steve                M39 Unattached          5:30.00 
 15    144 Reid, James                  M54 Unattached          5:30.00 
 16     68 Dolphin, Ed                  M30 Unattached          5:30.00 
 17    155 Sibole, Allie                W24 Unattached          5:30.00 
Section 8  Timed Finals
  1    136 Pendleton, Jeffrey           M21 Unattached          4:46.00 
  2     44 Breeden, Jesse               M41 Unattached          4:48.00 
  3    108 Manion, John                 M42 Unattached          4:50.00 
  4    102 Lorah, Danny                 M20 Unattached          4:50.00 
  5     45 Brennan, Chris               M25 Unattached          4:50.00 
  6     79 Hannon, Larry                M32 Unattached          4:52.00 
  7    101 Long, Kevin                  M16 Unattached          4:53.00 
  8    162 Swart, Will                  M19 Unattached          4:55.00 
  9    182 Jarratt, Parker              M15 Unattached          4:57.00 
 10    137 Pinkston, Ryan               M36 Unattached          4:58.00 
 11     99 Liguori, Mike                M32 Unattached          5:00.00 
 12     77 Greenwood, Alexander         M17 Unattached          5:00.00 
 13    172 Zajac, Dan                   M30 Unattached          5:00.00 
 14     38 Bixler, Logan                M17 Unattached          5:00.00 
 15    135 Pelliccia, Chris             M31 Unattached          5:05.00 
 16    166 Wai, Andrew                  M27 Unattached          5:10.00 
 17     90 Kelly, Kevin                 M52 Unattached          5:12.00 
Section 9  Timed Finals
  1    117 McGeary, Scott               M28 Unattached          4:22.00 
  2     51 Bullock, Shaun               M17 Unattached          4:25.00 
  3    158 Smucker, Spencer             M16 Unattached          4:25.00 
  4    125 Musselman, Zack              M24 Unattached          4:30.00 
  5    103 Lutcza, Matt                 M26 Unattached          4:30.00 
  6     33 Armand, Jack                 M18 Unattached          4:30.00 
  7    178 Stratman, Eric               M21 Unattached          4:32.00 
  8    119 Moen, Chris                  M26 Unattached          4:36.00 
  9     52 Burns, Scott                 M35 Unattached          4:38.00 
 10    134 Pearson, Tommy               M31 Unattached          4:39.00 
 11    109 Manning-Smith, Greg          M27 Unattached          4:39.00 
 12     82 Hoffman, Jeremy              M40 Unattached          4:40.00 
 13    145 Reist, Radley                M29 Unattached          4:42.00 
 14     55 Chamoun, Joseph              M15 Unattached          4:42.00 
 15     48 Brittingham, Ed              M25 Unattached          4:42.00 
 16    114 McConnell, Ed                M35 Unattached          4:45.00 
Event 2  Men 1 Mile Run ELITE (22)
     WC Mile:  3:58.30  8/13/2015   Jack Bolas, NJNYTC                         
           Name                         Age Team                   Seed     Finals
Section 1  Timed Finals
  1     23 Santana, Alfredo                 GSTC                4:01.00 
  2     24 Rae, Jeremy                      Unattached          3:57.25 
  3     25 Schroeder, Stephen               Unattached          4:00.77 
  4     26 Marantz, Cameron                 Unattached          4:01.00 
  5     27 Nierman, Robby                   Unattached          4:02.49 
  6     28 Gagnon, Brian                    Hoka One One Njn    3:57.91 
  7     29 Hurt, Tripp                      Unattached          4:02.12 
  8     30 Burleigh, Brayden                Unattached          4:07.79 
  9     31 Thompson, Steven                 Warrior Track Cl    4:10.00 
Section 2  Timed Finals
  1      1 Winn, Daniel                     BAA                 3:56.73 
  2      2 Erassa, Kirubel                  Atlanta TC          3:58.24 
  3      3 Hudgins, Brandon                 Vasculitis Found    3:59.64 
  4      4 Crawford, Graham                 Unattached          3:56.05 
  5      5 Merber, Kyle                     Hoka One One Njn    3:54.57 
  6      6 Fleet, Mac                       Nike Oregon TC      3:56.44 
  7      7 Gregorek, Johnny                 Asics Njnytc        3:55.27 
  8      8 Mahoney, Travis                  Hoka One One Njn    3:58.61 
  9      9 Palmer, Ford                     Hoka One One Njn    3:56.58 
 10     10 Manzano, Leo                     Hoka One One        3:50.64 
 11     11 Connor, Reed                     Hoka One One Njn    4:01.02 
 12     12 Bolas, Jack                      Hoka One One Njn    3:53.50 
 13     13 Murray, Declan                   Hoka One One Njn         NT 
Event 3  Women 1 Mile Run ELITE (9)
     WC Mile:  4:31.04  8/13/2015   Rachel Schnedier                           
           Name                         Age Team                   Seed     Finals
Section 1  Timed Finals
  1     14 Johnson, Lauren                  Unattached          4:25.04 
  2     15 Schappert, Steph                 Hoka One One Njn    4:30.07 
  3     16 Lipari, Emily                    BAA                 4:27.19 
  4     17 Higginson, Ashley                Saucony Njnytc      4:30.00 
  5     18 Tully, Nicole                    Hoka One One Njn    4:29.78 
  6     19 Mania, Bridgit                   Atlanta TC          4:44.00 
  7     20 Wallace, Lauren                  NorCal Distance     4:38.39 
  8     21 Schneider, Rachel                Under Armour        4:28.50 
  9     22 Cazzola, Christy                 Atlanta TC          4:36.99 
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