Thanks to everyone who answered the survey last week.  The winning distance was 1/2 marathon with 35% of the vote.  The marathon was in last and the other distances were all within 1 vote of each other.  Here is this week’s survey:  This is a two option questions, which do you prefer, hills or the track?

As we get through this cold stretch, it’s time to start looking forward to nicer weather and setting up your year.  I know everyone’s number one goal is to stay healthy.  You’re not going to achieve anything if you don’t stay healthy, but let’s start looking at what you want to accomplish in the immediate future and in the long term.

I always like to have a goal race and then pick a race or two along the way to get me ready for that goal.  Maybe, you want to run a certain time at Broad Street.  That could be your main goal for the winter/spring cycle.  You would pick a couple of 5ks along the way to test your fitness and keep you motivated to train hard.

In 1997, I was coming a pretty good fall and decided that I wanted to run a good 10k on the track in the spring.  I devoted the winter to putting in a lot of long, hard training, but racing at shorter distances to help hone my racing instincts a little.  That winter, I ran 5 or 6 indoor races, mostly 1500s and miles with a couple of 3ks in there.  While I didn’t run any spectacular, racing off of the hard training really got me ready to run well in the spring.  I ended up dropping my 10k PR from 30:21 to 29:10 so it all paid off.

As you decide what you want to focus on in the spring, it helps to write down your goals. You can share them with someone or just keep them to yourself.  Either way, having something written down will help keep you focused on that goal.  That can be especially when we hit a stretch of weather like we had over the last 2 weeks.

Here are the workouts for this week:

Tuesday-Hills-3 x long, regular, short.  Remember, long is Biddle to Matlack to Lafayette to Walnut.  Concentrate on good form and really trying to run fast up the hill.  By the way, great turnout last week considering the conditions.

Wednesday-The late winter/early spring marathon group will do 3 x 2 miles with a 2:00 recovery.  They will most likely do Fern Hill loops starting at Henderson.

Friday-3 miles of tempo.  Make it current tempo fitness not a 5k race.

Saturday-Long Run-Try to get 8-12 in depending where you are in your training.  Marathoners will run 16.

See you on Tuesday.


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