I hope everyone is enjoying the RBC building weather.  The first days of fall will be appreciated.

As most of you know, Summer Xc #2 at Oakbourne Park is Wednesday night.  For the 1st time(in the summer series), we’re running a 1 mile Xc race.  It will be a blast:  1st 600m downhill, next 200 uphill, next 200 slightly down and flat, next 300 up and then the last 100 flat.  So, the 6 and under 300 will be at about 6:50 and then the mile for everyone else at 7:00.

Here is the week’s workout schedule:(by the way, they started working on the turf so the track is back to being closed).  We’ll do the Fern Hill loop.

Milers:  Tuesday-600, 200 x 4 w/200 JR between the 6 and the 2 and a 400 between sets.  the 600 is at Mile pace, the 200 is at 800 pace.  600=.372 on the GPS and 200 is .124.                                                                         Friday-8:30 of tempo-2:00 jog and then 8 x 200 w/200 JR at mile pace.                                                           Saturday-LR=8-10 miles.

Marathoners and loopers-Tuesday-6 x 3/4 of a mile w/200 JR at 10k pace.                                                                                                        Friday-4 miles of tempo.  2 Fern Hill loops. Put water at the start and grab it                                                    with a gel at the end of the 1st lap.                                                                                                                                  Saturday-Loopers-15, Marathoners-18

Long Run loop-Let’s go something like-Hillsdale to creek to Allerton to 842 to Wawaset to Caan to 162 to Lucky Hill to Stroud’s back up Hillsdale-I think that’s about 13.  Add on before or after.  Milers can go right on Lucky Hill off of Allerton.

Let’s start putting out water and practicing taking gels.

See you in the morning.



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