I hope everyone is having a good week.  After last week’s post, I’m sure that you’re a bit disappointed by the weather.  What can we do?  The humidity will be back by Thursday.

Summer XC is back in the form of the WC Summer XC Series next Wednesday, July 5.  Running cross country is one of the best things that you can do for your running.  Anytime that I’ve run these races in the summer, it’s benefited me with some great racing in the fall.

We’ve been putting on Summer XC since 1991.  We’ve had some great athletes show up over the years.  At least 2 Olympians that I can think of.  Running xc at Oakbourne Park forces you to get tough.  There is no break on the course.  Either your running through the grass or up and down dirt and gravel hills.  It recruits some of your balance muscles so it makes you stronger.  It’s usually a great race so you really have to dig down and work.

It’s also one of the best bargains out there.  4 races for $50 and you get a great Puma tech T.  We have cash prizes for the winners and some other great gift cards and gear for the rest of the top 10.  Here is the link to registration:


We also have some great sponsors.  Nolan Painting has been sponsoring the series for the last 10 years.  If you need some painting done, they do a great job:  http://www.nolanpainting.com/  They’ll be racing and will have some post-race refreshments set up for after the race.

Innovative Muscle Therapy will be a new sponsor this year.  They do a great job of keeping people healthy.  We send all of our people who are injured there:  http://iseedocsteve.com/  They’ll be set up at the race to stretch you and work out the kinks before and after the race.

Here is this week’s workout schedule:

Tuesday-From Henderson-Track on the road 3 x 7:00 w/2:00 rest at 10K pace.

Friday-From Henderson-Track on the road-16 x :30 w/:30 rest at 5k pace.

Saturday-Long Run 9-14 miles.  Get some hills in and get out early.

See you in the morning.



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