Nice job by the group at Dub C.  Also, nice crowd out there watching.  It was a fun night.  Thanks to Kildare’s for hosting the post-race get together.

As we look at the landscape of the summer, here are my thoughts on what we have coming up and how the training is going to look.  There are really no “important” races until the Mile in early August.  Everything else is just train hard and get ready for the fall.  Summer XC is a great tool to use to improve your fitness over the summer.  It gets you mentally ready for some tough racing in the fall.

We’ll have a lot of people training to run the mile in August.  We’ll have a training plan for that.

We’ll also have a lot of people doing Run the Loop on Labor Day Sunday.  Some people will be training for the full marathon in hopes of getting a BQ.(It is a fast course).  Some people will be doing 15-18 as part of the Run ’til you drop portion of the race.  They’ll do that as a mini training cycle for the Philly marathon.  It’s going to work out perfectly for that group.  We’ll have a 6 week cycle for that, take 2 weeks of recovery and then get 8 good weeks of training in for Philly.  I’m really excited about that event as it’s going to have a lot to offer for our group.  With the marathon plan, we’re going to look at an 8 week training cycle which starts the marathon specific training on July 3.

Some people will just be trying to get in shape over the summer.  You’ll be able to mix the workouts a little.  It should be a fun summer.

Here is this week’s workout schedule(remember, the track will be closed for a couple of weeks so we’ll just meet by the top gate).  We won’t have access to the bathrooms, so be prepared to use your other sources.

Tuesday-6 x 3:00 w/1:00 rest at 5k pace.  The loop will be out to Fern Hill, through the Fern Hill driveway back to Henderson to Penn to Chestnut to Montgomery.  Some people may have to add on with another loop around Henderson.  Let’s try to keep our groups together on this.  We’ve had some great groups on the track.  Let’s do the same thing on the roads.

Friday-8 x 1:00 with 1:00 rest.  Nothing crazy.  Just get a little turnover.

Sat-8-13 miles.  I’m going to suggest Sunset Hollow plus some add ons.  I would also suggest starting earlier, but that’s just me.

See you in the morning.



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