With a nice stretch of hot, humid weather coming up, let’s embrace the heat instead of complaining about it all of the time.  There are many advantages to training in the heat if it’s done properly.  And, here is the amazing thing.  The human body adapts to different climate changes as you expose it to them.  If you sit around in the air conditioning all day, and then go out to run, it’s much tougher than if you are outside in the heat for at least a portion of the day.

One advantage to training in the heat and humidity is that there is less oxygen in the air so you have to work a little harder at a given pace.  It has similar characteristics to altitude training.

Training in the heat will force you to slow down.  You might ask “why do I want to slow down?”.  The answer is that it helps to keep you healthy.

A nice hot, humid summer is great preparation for a good fall racing season.  I’ve coached xc for a long time.  A lot of our best seasons have come after particularly hot summers.  If you get out and run without real regard for the conditions, you get strong.  When we get that 1st cool day in the fall, it feels great to run and you’re really ready to run fast.

Here are some tips for staying safe in the summer:


2-Lower the intensity.

3-Race shorter distances.  The heat is great for running a fast 800 or mile, but not so great for running more than 5k.

4-Run early or late.

5-Don’t make excuses.  Just get out the door and get it done.

6-Hit the trails.  The shade is nice and running on soft surfaces is good for your body.  The trees also keep the humidity in.


Thanks for reading this.  Let me know if you have any questions.


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