With the track workouts starting to heat up and some decent weather coming soon(hopefully), I just wanted to touch base briefly about dos and don’ts of the track workout.

1-Get there early to warmup.  We start at 5:50AM on Tuesdays and 5:30AM on Fridays.

2-Never jog or walk in lane 1 or 2.  That includes the recovery between intervals.

3-Warm up in the opposite direction.

4-When running with a group, run single file and take turns leading.  That makes the workout go better for everyone.  Someone in each group has to take charge of the workout.  If no one is in charge of your group, don’t be afraid to step up.  When it’s your turn to lead don’t panic and run too fast.  Check your splits and try to hit the times that you’re supposed to hit.

5-When someone says “Track”, that means that a faster person or group is coming up behind you.  Just step out one lane.  You don’t have to jump out to lane 3 or 4.  If they don’t yell track, just stay where you are.

6-For the above reason, leave your headphones at home.  Plus, the track is a social place.  Talk to people.

Cardinal sins:

1-Not taking a turn leading and then kicking away from your group.  It’s a workout not a race.

2-Talking too much during the workout.  It’s a workout not an easy run.  It shouldn’t be done at conversational pace.  Talk on the recovery, the warm up and cool down.

Here is this week’s workouts:

1-5k/Broad Street Group-Tuesday-1000, 600 x 3-4 w/100 JR after the 100 and a 300 JR after the 600.  1000s at 10k pace, 600s at 3k pace(about 10 seconds per mile faster than 5k pace).  Friday-6 x 500 w/300 JR at mile pace.  Saturday-Long run-9-14 miles depending on where you are in your training.

2-B & A marathoners-Tuesday-3 x 1600 w/100jr at MP +5, MP and MP -5.  Wed-Off.  Th-6.  Fri-off.  Sat-3 easy.  Sun-Race!!!!

3-Boston-Tuesday-3 x 3200 w/400jr at 12:00, 11:55, 11:50.  Wed-12 miles.  Th-off.  Friday-8.  Saturday-13 w/6-12 at MP.  Sun-4.

See you in the morning.


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