Congrats to Hipster Ed from the store on his 3rd place finish in the Love Run last Sunday.  His time of 72:33 was a 4+ minute PR.  5:30 pace is not bad for a young guy.  We’ll monitor his progress over the next couple of years.

As we get back on the track, I just wanted to remind people of good track etiquette and some good practices for the track:

1-Work with your group and take turns leading. If you have a group of similar ability athletes, take turns on the lead.  Don’t panic when it’s your turn to lead.  A lot of people go crazy when it’s their turn to lead and ruin the workout for everyone.  Take your turn and do a good job.

2-Run single file within in your group.  Don’t run 2 or 3 across.  You don’t need to run extra and/or jam up the track.

3-When a faster group yells, “Track”, you should step out into the inner edge of lane 2.  No more, no less.  If they’re running single file, they should only need 1/2 a lane to get by.  If they’re running double file, shame on them.  Don’t panic and jump out to lane 3 or 4.

4-If someone is coming up on you and doesn’t yell “Track”, just hold your ground.  Especially, if you’re solo, it might be easier for them to just roll around you.

5-Never, I repeat never jog or walk in lane 1.  It doesn’t matter which group you’re in.  That’s a cardinal sin.

6-We have a great group out here on Tuesday and Friday mornings.  Do the workout that the group is doing and do the workout as prescribed.  If you want to do your own workout, go at a different time or different day.

7-Finally, don’t be a last interval hero.  By that i mean, don’t lay back for most of the workout and then sprint by everyone on the last interval.  Back in the day, if you did that you would get smashed in the next workout.

Here are the week’s workouts:

Tuesday-3-5 x 1200 at 5k pace w/200JR(Not all-time dream 5k pace, but real 5k pace).  So, if you’re in 20:07 5k pace, you should run 4:51 per 1200.  If you’re in 18:36 for 5k, you should run your 1200s in 4:30.  If you’re in 17:33 5k pace, you should run 4:15 for your 1200s.  You do the math for the rest.

Friday-800 of tempo, then 8 x 400 w/200 JR at 5k pace.  If racing Saturday, no workout.  Race possibility is the Dash for Diabetes.

Saturday-B-5 miles, AB-6-7 miles, I-7-8 miles, AI-8-9 miles, A-10-11 miles, AA-12-13 miles.

See you out there.


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