Nice turnout this morning at Levante.  Remember, Summer Xc #3 is this Wednesday at Oakbourne.  It’s going to be a 2 Miler.  It should be sufficiently humid.

Also, let’s get signed up for the Hotel Warner WC Mile on August 9 at Henderson.  Here is the registration link:

If you’ve been following the blog, you know that we’re ending this training cycle with 2 events-1 is the WC Mile and the other is the TMC 5 Miler on August 14.  Feel free to do both.  For blog readers, the discount code is TMC.  Here is the link to registration:

It’s going to be a fun way to end that cycle.  It’s going to be completely no frills, but we will time it and have some cold drinks at the finish.  It will start at 5:45.  It could be a PR situation for many of you as it will start and finish on the track.

A good breakfast won last week’s survey.  Thanks to one of our loyal readers for the survey idea.  Feel free to send survey/blog ideas my way.  Here is this week’s survey:

Here is the week’s training schedule. The weather looks a bit unsettled with a chance of rain almost everyday:

Tuesday-Milers-6 x 600 w/400 jr at 3k pace(if racing on Wednesday-run at 5k pace).  5 milers-8 x 800 w/200 jr at 10k pace(if you’re racing on Wednesday-5 seconds slower per mile than 10k pace). Let’s starting bringing water to take while working out.  Even if you just take it once in the middle of the workout. Maybe, take a gel/chew on one or two of the jogs and drink when you start.

Wednesday-Summer XC at Oakbourne:

Friday-If you worked out and raced, just run easy.  If you did one or the other, workout.  Milers-3 x 3 x 300 w/80 walk recovery, 20 jog recovery, 5:00 between sets at 800 pace.  5 Milers-6 x 4:00 w/1:00 jr of broken tempo, not 10k pace.

Saturday-5 milers-2:20:00 at :45-1:00 slower per miler than MP.    I would suggest going Hillsdale to Creek to 842 towards Unionville-Go out for 71:30 and then come back(you’ll naturally come back a little faster).  Come back in Hillsdale.  Milers-80:00-same thing just turn around sooner.

See you on Tuesday.



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