• Cushion Shoe


    These shoes are built for a runner who has normal to high arches and very little to no over-pronation. Ideally, this shoe is made for a runner with a neutral foot strike.

  • Stability-Shoe


    Stability shoes are designed for a runner who has low to flat arches. These shoes have medial posting to help prevent pronation and thereby, prevent shin splints.

  • Motion-Control-Shoe

    Motion Control

    These particular shoes are designed for a runner with extremely flat feet. These individuals have a severe over-pronation which increase the risk for numerous injuries.

  • Trail-Shoes


    Off road shoes are designed with the intention of providing better traction and water protection. The shoes are built with more traction and water repelling materials.

  • Road-Racing-Shoe

    Road Racing

    A lightweight shoe intended to help a runner get through a race or workout on the track as fast as possible. They are designed to feel as natural as possible on the foot during a race.

  • Racing-XC_Spikes

    XC / Spikes

    A shoe made for racing on various terrains. These have a bit more traction that a road racer, and tend to have a bit more cushion. They are offered in a spike form as well as a spikeless form.

  • Indoor-Flat-Shoe

    Indoor Flats

    These shoes are a spikeless version of a cross country racer. These shoes have a fair amount of cushioning, but little support. They are indented to have a natural, slipper-like feel to them.

  • Kids-Running-Shoe

    Kid’s Shoes

    We carry a variety of durable kid’s shoes. We’ll help you determine whether your child needs more cushion or stability, and make recommendations for the best shoe.

  • Walking-Shoe

    Walking Shoes

    Shoes built with the intention of helping a walker stay healthy by providing a well cushioned base. Many shoes are designed solely for style, these shoes are designed for your stride.