I know I mentioned a couple of weeks ago about going inside if the weather was bad.  I even ran in the hallways of Henderson twice.

Enough is enough.  As long as it’s not icy, let’s get outside and go.  Unless you’re training for a treadmill 10 miler or a 16 lap to a mile 5k, hit the roads.  It’s the Principle of Specificity.

Is it cold? It is.

Is it uncomfortable?  You bet.

You’re not going to get sick because you’re out in the cold.  If you dress properly and warm up properly, you’re not going to get injured.  So, let’s stop making excuses and get going.

Thanks to everyone for taking the survey last week.  The track was a big winner with 70% of the vote.  Let’s keep voting.  This week’s survey is what is your favorite WCRC race:

Since it was icy last week and the workout was changed on Tuesday, we’ll do last week’s workout this week.   It was 3 x long, regular, short.  It’s a good one.

Marathoners will do 4 x 2k w/200 JR at 10k pace on the track tomorrow starting at 5:35.  I’ll get them started and then get over to start the hills.

The 2nd workout for this week is 12 x 1:00 hard and 1:00 easy on Friday.  Let’s do it on the Fern Hill Loop.

Long Run-Marathoners-20 miles with 2 x 5 miles with the first one at marathon pace and the 2nd one at tempo pace with an easy mile in between.  Start this at 8 miles.  Others-go 8-12. Early April marathon group should go 13.

BTW, we have a new hot bathroom option on the Fern Hill Loop.  There is a port a potty right across from the VFW on Lincoln.  It’s well placed.

See you in the morning.


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