With The Hotel Warner West Chester Mile continuing to grow ahead of race day on August 10th, we’re fortunate enough to be adding a handful of runners to our fastest races of the night, bolstering an already impressive collection of professional athletes & top young talent competing for over $17,000 in prize money. We’d like to thank all of our fantastic sponsors for helping us make these races possible, along with everyone involved in connecting these runners with our event. Please make sure to check out our list of sponsors here and show your support for their efforts.

If you’re a fan of track and the middle distance races, these fields have plenty of intriguing matchups for you to enjoy. The athletes are listed in no particular order, so feel free to scroll the startlists below and find out which of your favorite pro track athletes will be competing in West Chester on August 10th.

We also welcome you to sign up to run the Mile yourself, with multiple rounds of open races starting at 6:30 PM all the way up until the Pro races (only $20 to enter with race shirt provided). We also invite any & all spectators to come out and watch for only a $5 fee at the door. If you can’t make it to the races in person, our friends at Flotrack.com will be live streaming all of the races on their website.

(Last Update: 1:30 PM on August 10th):


Mercedes Benz of West Chester Elite Women’s 800m (7:30 PM)

Athlete Sponsor/Affiliation 800m Outdoor Track PR
Kenyetta Iyevbele Hoka NJ-NY Track Club 2:01.68
Cecilia Barowski Hoka NJ-NY Track Club 2:00.90
Claudia Saunders Brooks Beasts TC 2:00.63
Steph Van Pelt Hoka NJ-NY Track Club 2:10.09
Kimara MacDonald Juventus TC 2:02.07
Rachel Aubry Speed River TFC 2:01.56


McCaffrey All State Elite Men’s 800m (7:38 PM)

Athlete Sponsor/Affiliation 800m Outdoor Track PR
Jesse Garn Hoka NJ-NY Track Club 1:45.04
Kyle Merber Hoka NJ-NY Track Club 1:47.23
Anthony Romaniw Speed River TC 1:45.60
Michael Twist Unattached 1:50.56
Russell Dinkins (Pacer) New York Athletic Club 1:46.49


CTDI Elite Women’s Mile (8:20 PM)

Athlete Sponsor/Affiliation Mile/1500m Outdoor PR
Emily Lipari Adidas/Boston Athletic Association 4:32.40 / 4:12.17
Rachel Schneider Under Armour 4:31.04 / 4:06.91
Angel Piccirillo Unatthached 4:39.94 / 4:13.40
Sarah Sutherland Saucony 4:40.07 / 4:06.43
Stephanie Brown Unattached 4:29.06 / 4:07.55
Katrina Coogan New Balance Boston 4:33.00 / 4:13.13
Hannah Fields Brooks Beasts TC 4:31.40 / 4:05.30
Lianne Farber New Balance/NorCal Distance 4:33.50 / 4:11.63
Katie Landwehr Unattached 4:46.50i  / 4:23.91
Marielle Hall Nike 4:35.27 / 4:12.14
Regan Yee Langley Mustangs/Trinity Western University 4:09.29 1500m
Hanna Green Unattached 4:32.50 / 4:15.01
Megan Moye Hoka NJ-NY Track Club 4:36.76 / 4:15.01
Kate Van Buskirk Unattached 4:28.08 / 4:05.38
Kathryn Lazarchick Unattached 4:41.86 / 4:20.83
Kenyetta Iyevbele (Pacer) Hoka NJ-NY Track Club 2:01.68 800m


ServiceNow Elite Men’s Mile (8:30 PM)

Athlete Sponsor/Affiliation Mile/1500m Outdoor PR
Garrett Heath Brooks Beasts TC 3:53.15 / 3:34.12
Travis Mahoney Hoka NJ-NY Track Club 3:58.61 / 3:42.67
Riley Masters Nike 3:56.75 / 3:42.18
Graham Crawford Hoka NJ-NY Track Club 3:56.05 / 3:37.08
Colby Alexander Hoka NJ-NY Track Club 3:54.94 / 3:34.88
Donn Cabral Hoka NJ-NY Track Club 4:02.29 / 3:40.03
Frezer Legesse Under Armour 3:57.24 / 3:36.93
Eric Avila Hoka One One / Team Run Eugene 3:56.50 / 3:36.37
Julian Matthews Saucony / Very Nice Track Club 3:57.94 / 3:36.14
Luis Vargas Unattached 4:00.60 / 3:42.57
Alfredo Santana Garden State Track Club 4:01.92 / 3:41.72
Alex Leight Hoka NJ-NY Track Club 4:05.61 / 3:46.06
Meron Simon Hoka NJ-NY Track Club 4:02.95 / 3:49.83
Austin O’Neil Unattached 4:00.19i / 3:42.38
Craig Engels Nike Oregon Project 3:57.67 / 3:35.95
Steve Thompson (Pacer) Unattached 1:51.18 800m


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