As you get away this summer, enjoy the time with your families and don’t be obsessed about the training. It’s a good time to maintain your fitness vs. getting more fit.

It is a nice opportunity to explore if you’re heading to somewhere new.  One of my goals when running in a new area is to find a trail.  Of course, pay attention so you don’t get lost.

Most importantly, have fun and enjoy the time away with your family.

Here is the training for this week: It looks like the track won’t be ready.

Milers-Tuesday-800 at 800 pace(measure out a loop-if you start in front of the gate and head toward Biddle and then go left on Penn-Left on Chestnut and Left on Montgomery-an 800 should be about to the faculty parking lot) The 800 should be very hard and run in racing flats.  Take 10:00 to recover and then run 4 x 400 w/400JR at Mile pace.  This will be a tough workout.

Friday-Mile of tempo and then 4 x 300 w/200 jr at mile pace.  Should feel good.

Long run would be 7-10.

Marathoners/Run til you drop-6-8 x mile with a :30 rest at slightly faster than tempo pace.

Friday-6 miles of Tempo-Long run=20 for marathoners, 18 for run til you droppers.  I would suggest running the tempo during your long run.  For this run, let’s use ten seconds minus marathon goal pace for your tempo.

Have a good week!


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