Sorry about last week’s survey not working properly.  It was still in draft mode.  I’ll re post it here:  Thanks for taking it.  we appreciate the responses so far.

I’ve always enjoyed racing in the winter as a good diversion from training.  With this winter’s weather, it really is nice to get out with other people and run hard.

When racing in the winter, realize that you probably won’t PR for a number of reasons.

1-You’re probably not training to PR.  You may be running a little slower in workouts and training.  Training is cyclical.  You can’t always going to be at your best.

2-The cold weather forces you to slow down in your training and racing.

3-Flu season.  People get sick more often in the winter.  Missing time for being sick will also slow you down.

There are some good racing options in the winter:

1-Race indoor track.  There are not a ton of options, but it’s great way to get some quality work in and really hone your racing instincts.  When I had my best year of racing, I ran 4 or 5 miles/1500s indoors.  I got more doors blown in, but it really helped in the spring.  I would highly recommend it.

2-Winter Series-There are a number of Winter Series.  My favorite is our Winter Series at DTW.  For $15, you get a nice course, a chip timed race with mile splits, “good” music on the course and some nice awards.

3-Stand alone races.  The Super Bowl 5k at Kildare’s on February 4 is one that comes to mind.  It’s on the Downtown WC course which has a lot of value.  It’s great way to start your SB afternoon.

Get out there and mix it up over the next couple of weeks.  It will pay off when the nicer weather gets here.

Here is this week’s training:

Tuesday-Hills-10 x regular hill.  If you’re just starting out, do 6-7.  Marathoners-Sevilla/One City-4 x 2400 w/200 JR at 10k pace.  B & A/Boston-3 x 2400.  That will start at 5:35.

Friday-16 x :45 w/:45 on Fern Hill Loop.

Saturday-Long Run-Sevilla-16, One City-14, B & A, Boston-13.  Love Run-10-12.

See you on Tuesday.



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