We had 2 great races this weekend.  We had over 300 people involved in the St. Agnes race on Saturday morning in town.  In the afternoon, we had over 200 people at the Run 2 Remember Richie.  Both were great races.  The spring calendar is loaded.  Don’t be afraid to jump in a race or two this spring.

Here is the workout schedule for the week:

5k/Broad Street-Tuesday-5-7 x 1000 w/200 jr at 5k pace plus :02 per 400.  So, if your 5k pace is 6:00 pace, you would run your 1000s at 92 per lap or 3:50 per 1000.  Friday-3 mile cutdown starting at Broad Street goal pace(realistic pace) and dropping 15 seconds per mile.  Saturday-11 miles.

B & A Trail Marathon-Tuesday 10 x 1k w/200 jr at 10k pace.  Friday-5 mile cutdown starting at 7:40 pace and taking off :15 per mile.  Saturday-11.

Boston-Tuesday-12 x 1k w/200 in 3:43-3:45.   Friday-5 Mile cutdown starting at 6:30 an taking off :15 per mile.  Saturday-20.

Reminder that the Friday workout starts at 5:30AM.

See you in the morning.


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